Guide on SellerSprite Chrome Extension

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SellerSprite (Extension) consists of 4 sections: Duplicate of Keepa Extension, Reverse ASIN Keyword, Keyword Mining, Sales Estimates!

Duplicate of Keepa Extension

Formulate a chart on Amazon product page, showing you the historical sales, price, BSR, reviews, ratings, sellers, deal price, and BuyBox price trends, the data can be traced back up to 487 days.

Reverse ASIN Keyword

Dig out the keyword that your competitors get indexed for Amazon search engine, these keywords are crucial for your listing and PPC optimization.

Keyword Mining

Find out the relevant keywords along with accurate search data, helping you identify the best keyword for your listing and PPC.

Sales Estimates

Access up to 2 years of sales data, reveal the price, BSR, reviews, ratings, hijackers, deals info since the listing launched.

How to use SellerSprite Chrome Extension?

Get the Chrome Extension: Install

Duplicate of Keepa Extension

1.Open a product page and wait seconds, SellerSprite will formulate a chart automatically on the listing page, including ASIN price, BSR, review, etc trends. 

Reverse ASIN Keyword

1.Open a product page, click the extension icon, SellerSprite will show you all the keywords that drive traffic to this ASIN.

If no results shown automatically, take ASIN ”B07D6PPW8C“ as an example, you can input the ASIN code into extension search bar manually and click search to get results.

2.You can get the traffic-driving keyword for other ASIN which is on the product page also. Click the arrow icon on the extension search bar to get a full list of the ASIN on the page, and select target ASIN to search.

Keyword Mining

1.Find out the relevant keyword for seed keyword. You can get the relevant keyword as you input seed keyword into Amazon search bar.

Open the extension, choose Keyword Mining and wait minutes to get the results.

2.You can also input the seed keyword into Extension search bar and click search to get results directly.

Sales Estimates

1.Open any page on Amazon, and click the “Product Research” in Extension, you’ll get the sales data for each individual ASIN on that page.

2. You can input ASIN code into the Extension search bar to quickly get the sales data of target ASIN. 

Extension Update: Data Export is Available!

SellerSprite Extention v1.4.1 introduces the “data export” feature to the old version, offering a button on the search result page to export data so that you can analyze and filter data in excel.
Tips: Export the sales data after all data loaded

psycleworks 2020-03-05 08:04
Currently I'm using Chrome browser language in Korean, but want to use sellersprite chrome extension in English instead of Chinese. Please advise if this is possible. Thank you for your help.
reply : You can change the Chrome language to English, and it will be all right.