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Amazon Smart Research

  • The most accurate Amazon sales data.
  • Monthly sales trend over last 2 years.
  • Over 20M products with sales each month.
  • Built-in many product discovery strategies.
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Keyword Mining/Reverse

  • The most accurate Amazon keyword data.
  • Monthly search trends over last 2 years.
  • Reverse ASIN keywords of competitors.
  • US, JP, EU, IN, CA marketplaces are available.
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Products/Keywords Tracking

  • Track competitors’ price, review, BSR and sales.
  • Track your product’s BSR, reviews and others.
  • Track the keyword’s daily ranking and changes.  

Tutorial Video

  • An overview on how to integrate Sellersprite’s main features for product discovery and listing optimization.
  • Tell you how to discover the potential product with keyword data.
  • Guide your business by using exclusive data provided by Sellersprite.
  • We have tutorial videos for each one of the tools, please click here to learn more.

Chrome Extension

  • Perfect Alternative to Keepa, identify listing trends, free lifetime trial;
  • Dig out competitor traffic-driving keyword to perfect your listing and PPC;
  • Find relevant keyword in one click, along with accurate search volume, purchase rate, etc.
  • Access up to 2 years of sales data, empower you to find product idea as you’re browsing.
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Keyword Sprite

  • Provide the most accurate Amazon keywords with search volume, purchase rate and etc.
  • Recommend the most reliable relevant keywords for listing & PPC optimization.
  • Capture all the information you need to discover profitable products and niche market.
  • Browse the historical monthly search volume over the last 2 years.
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Product Sprite

  • Provide the most accurate Amazon sales data over 20M ASIN each month, even with one unit.
  • Uncover competitor’ sales and sales trend over last 2 years based on category, keyword, brand or sellers.
  • Discover profitable products based on sales growth rate, review changes and innovative criteria.
  • Find potential market based on the market capacity, trends, competition and changes.
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Reverse ASIN Keywords

  • Discover the actual keywords customer are using to find your or your competitor’s products.
  • Boost product visibility by optimizing listing with competitor’ traffic keywords.
  • Improve the PPC performance by optimizing PPC with competitor’ traffic-pulling keywords.
  • Dig out all the profitable keywords which you may never think of, such as synonym.
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Tracking Sprite

Product Tracker

  • Track historical changes in price, sales, reviews and BSR for any product on Amazon.
  • Track competitor to get their strategy, Track your product to record marketing performance.

Keyword Tracker

  • Track your or your competitor’s keyword daily ranking and visualize the changes.
  • Track keyword in a simple-to-use dashboard, we redefine keyword tracking experience.
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